Business Planning

Joint Ventures & New Markets

GBGC was contacted in 2002 by two entrepreneurs who wanted to take advantage of the forthcoming change to gambling laws in their country. GBGC advised them to form a joint venture with a UK company that would provide the gambling expertise, whilst they would provide the local knowledge. This successful business now operates 150 licensed betting shops.

Feasibility Studies

In 2010 GBGC was appointed by the government of a West African country to compile a feasibility study into the prospects of launching a sports lottery via mobile phone in parts of the country. GBGC’s work included visiting the country to assess the existing infrastructure and popularity and extent of gambling activities.

Regulatory Opportunities

GBGC was engaged by a client in the United States to help them plan to take advantage of any changes to state legislation with regard to Internet poker. The client was licensed for land-based gambling and wanted to explore partnerships with European Internet poker firms. GBGC was able to provide the client with overviews of the different operators in the sector and make introductions on behalf of the client.

In 2013 GBGC completed a similar project for a licence holder in another US state. The licence holder wished to understand how they could best take advantage of their position and what potential there was for internet gambling in their state.

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