Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Since its establishment in 1998, GBGC has been retained by a number of leading companies from across the gambling industry to advise them on their corporate strategy.

In these turbulent economic and regulatory times it has never been more important to create a well-defined strategy that can steer companies through the coming years of austerity and take advantage of all suitable opportunities that arise.

GBGC’s consultants can draw upon more than 40 years’ experience of running gambling businesses through all stages of the economic cycle. This lifetime’s experience in gambling is of great benefit to our clients in setting their strategy.

In undertaking its corporate strategy projects GBGC holds interviews with the client’s key executives and managers, visits the client’s properties, and uses GBGC’s extensive gambling data and reports to make its recommendations and explore opportunities for the client.

GBGC has also advised non-gambling companies (in sectors such as media and broadcasting, telecoms, and price comparison) how they can exploit their existing assets to derive new sources of revenues from gambling services.

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