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In 2001 GBGC was appointed by Stanley Leisure plc to find an offshore jurisdiction for their new online sports betting service. At that time few jurisdictions were available that could offer competitive tax rates, the availability of property and an educated, IT-literate labour market.

English speaking Malta was an ideal location but had no history of legalised gambling apart from its national lottery and tourist-only casinos.

GBGC met with George du Puis Malta’s High Commissioner in London who was immediately interested in the idea. Within six months from inception to law Stanley was granted the first online licence.

GBGC was awarded a contract to advise Malta for two years. During this period Malta established itself as the pre-eminent off shore gambling jurisdiction with over 150 licences granted along with the creation of 6,000 jobs.


Isle Of Man

GBGC has had its headquarters in the Isle of Man since 2008. In that time GBGC has advised the Isle of Man government on a number of issues regarding both land-based and Internet gambling in the island.

In 2011 and 2012 GBGC has been assisting the government with the tendering process for a second casino licence in the Isle of Man. This work has involved the creation of a brochure to accompany the Expression of Interest document and compiling a database of potential bidders.


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