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In 2008 GBGC was approached by a leading investment bank that had the task of selling a major European betting business. GBGC was appointed to produce an independent report on the gambling markets where this business traded. The report was designed to test the assumptions in the sale prospectus and to give an opinion of the prospects for both online and land-based gambling in these markets.

In 2013 GBGC was engaged by an investment bank to assess in detail a European casino market. The client was researching a potential investment and wanted a specialist gambling consultancy to make them aware of the factors that could influence the performance of their investment in the medium term.

In April 2013 GBGC undertook research for an interested party into the IPOs, share sales and acquisitions that have taken place in the internet gambling sector between 2003 and 2012. GBGC’s report covered the nature and timing of the deal and the multiple achieved.

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