The UK’s General Election and the future of gambling

The UK’s General Election and the Future of Gambling By Warwick Bartlett The General Election on 7 May 2015 could decide the outcome of the UK’s gambling industry for the next five years. It is in my view the most important election for gambling ever. Already the […]

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E-gaming: the ultra competitive market

E-gaming: the ultra competitive market By Warwick Bartlett I recall making a speech at Paul Jason’s Smart Tech conference (New York) in April 2013 where I was informing the delegates how competitive the UK and European markets were for internet gambling. First of all I said the […]

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US$ 100 billion wiped off gambling shares in 2014

The world’s leading gambling companies saw more than US$ 100 billion wiped off their stock market valuations in 2014. Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ GBGC 50 index tracks the performance of the world’s 50 largest gambling companies (by market capitalisation from gambling activities). Between January 2014 and […]

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Greene King bingo call concerns commission

The bid by pub retailer and brewer Greene King to run bingo within its outlets has caused the UK Gambling Commission great concern. The Gambling Commission initially turned down Greene King’s application for a bingo licence but this decision was overturned by a judge on appeal to […]

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Central Asia’s changing casino landscape

The casino landscape of Central Asia could be changed dramatically in the coming decade if various proposed projects come to fruition. It was reported in late 2014 that tour operators in Iran were lobbying for a casino to be included in the proposed luxury tourist resort of […]

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Election result threatens Sri Lanka’s casinos

The surprise election of Maithripala Sirisena as the new president of Sri Lanka at the start of January 2015 could scupper the development of the new casino resorts in the country. In the campaigning for the election, Sirisena had pledged to cancel the tax concessions linked to […]

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Gambling predictions for 2015 – new markets, digital currency

Gambling predictions for 2015 – new markets, digital currency by Warwick Bartlett Top country targets in 2015 Mexico is bringing forth new legislation to update its current law and hopefully legalise its illegal gambling. Mexico does have country risk but the opportunities are significant. I still like […]

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Gambling predictions for 2015 – US

Gambling predictions for 2015 – US by Warwick Bartlett US Interactive Gambling 2015 is going to be another year of frustration. New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada continue to disappoint. If they had proved a success then other states would have been spurred into action. Sheldon Adelson has […]

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