Germany i-gaming update

A court in Hessen has ruled that restricting the number of internet sports betting licences to 20 in Germany is contrary to the European directive on freedom to trade (Dienstleistungsfreiheit (Art. 56 AEUV)). The ruling has implications for Germany plans for the regulation of internet gambling. The […]

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Paddy powers into GBGC 50 top 5

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ GBGC 50 index of the leading gambling companies has seen some big changes over the last 12 months after a year of mergers and acquisitions, as well as continued difficulties in some key gambling markets. The biggest winner has been the newly […]

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Trump sympathetic to gambling

Trump sympathetic to gambling By Warwick Bartlett At the recent 2016 i–gaming forum in Stockholm I was asked to make the keynote presentation on the industry’s drivers and obstacles. I agreed to make the presentation but after sitting down to try and write it I wish I […]

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Capital Controls – a nightmare for eGaming

Capital Controls – a nightmare for eGaming By Warwick Bartlett The prospect of capital controls seems to be on the increase, particularly in emerging markets, as central banks are becoming ever more unconventional in their efforts to stabilise the economies. It has been estimated that net capital […]

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Horserace Levy: reports of demise greatly exaggerated

When the Horserace Betting Levy came into existence some 55 years ago there were already other existing levies on various industries. One that comes to mind was the Eady Levy (1950) on cinema goers, whereby an amount was added to the ticket price so that the money […]

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Self exclusion hits Hill’s profits

Self exclusion hits Hill’s profits By Warwick Bartlett William Hill called for investors to attend a trading update and online review on 23 March. The results at Cheltenham had been awful, the worst in living memory according to James Henderson, William Hills Chief Executive. Then the surprise: […]

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UK Budget 2016: freeplays become liable for duty

The UK’s bookmakers suffered some unfavourable racing results on the first day of the Cheltenham Festival but the Chancellor George Osborne spared them any further pain in his 2016 Budget on Wednesday. There were fears that he could increase Machine Games Duty (MGD) but the Chancellor did […]

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Lodha report recommends Indian betting regulation

In July 2015 Chief Justice Lodha was appointed as the head of a three-person committee to investigate the reform of cricket in India and the sport’s administrator the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). At the start of January 2016 the Lodha Committee published its […]

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