E-gaming competitors circle Bwin

Nearly a year ago, in June 2014, issued a statement saying “we can confirm that there are no plans to break-up or sell the company”. Just six months later, in November 2014, the company said “ confirms that it has entered into preliminary discussions with a […]

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New England warms to casinos

In the US casino gambling was once the sole preserve of the state of Nevada. But other US states eventually got wise to the fact that awarding casino licences could bring extra revenues to state coffers. New Jersey was the first of these states to issue new […]

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Harmonisation of gambling regulation in Europe

Harmonisation of gambling regulation in Europe By Warwick Bartlett I moderated a panel at the Stockholm I-gaming Forum in April 2015 on the subject of “Regulation and Legal Insights”. My panellists were Julian Harris from Harris Hagan, Peter Naessens from the Belgian Gaming Commission, Dr Simon Planzer […]

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Macau’s woes here to stay

Macau’s woes here to stay By Warwick Bartlett Wynn Resorts first quarter results give a clear indication on the direction of gaming in Macau. Revenue was down 37.7% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to 2014. EBITDA was down 44.7%. Over at Sands China the Venetian […]

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Global gambling revenues pass US$ 450 billion in 2014

The world’s global gambling revenues surpassed US$ 450 billion in 2014, according to the analysis in Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ new tenth edition of its Global Gambling Report. The market grew by just 1.1% in 2013 but performed more strongly in 2014, rising by 3.2%, according […]

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Substance essential for offshore jurisdictions

GBGC wrote recently about the new global trends in taxation which are being introduced by governments to ensure that companies’ profits are taxed. Governments’ intention, through organisations like the OECD, is to prevent companies creating structures that let them avoid tax by claiming to be based in […]

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GBGC’s Global Gambling Report

If you’ve found GBGC’s newsletter articles of interest, then GBGC’s gambling reports will be of use to you too. The specialist gambling reports provide valuable market intelligence for gambling operators, investors, and regulators: • Strategic Positioning: data and information to help make decisions on investing in reliable, […]

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Bank caution hurting gambling sector

Bank caution hurting gambling sector By Warwick Bartlett One of the most frequent enquiries received by GBGC from e-gaming companies in recent months has been “Can you help us open a bank account?”. At first glance it seems a strange request. After all, people should perhaps not […]

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