Drone racing: betting for the Star Wars generation

Sports books are always on the hunt for new betting opportunities to offer their customers and fill gaps in the sporting schedule. A new sporting league that hosts its first round in late February 2016 could offer a glimpse of a new betting medium of the future […]

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US$460 billion gambling business gathers at ICE 2016

When the gambling industry gathers at Excel London in February 2016 for ICE Totally Gaming it will be to discuss issues and view new products in a gambling sector worth more than US$ 460 billion in global revenues (gross gaming yield). Forecasts by Global Betting and Gaming […]

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E-gaming M&A: a problem merged is a problem halved

Just over ten years ago, in the heady days of November 2005, PartyGaming had all the swagger of someone whose name had just been added to the VIP guest list for the hottest club in town. After a successful IPO earlier that summer, PartyGaming was about to […]

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UK Government stacks the tax deck in its favour

Several companies in the gambling sector have been involved in long-running battles with UK HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) over VAT payments. But, whilst several companies have won their cases against the tax man, future victories might be hollow thanks to a new tax introduced in the […]

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Gambling tax matters: Italy uses PE to tackle CTDs

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants wrote to its clients in April 2015 about concerns in the way international tax trends were heading and the risks to the gambling sector. One of the tax measures GBGC highlighted was that of Permanent Establishment (PE) and as 2016 begins Italy […]

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Gambling in 2016: the forecast is cloudy

Gambling in 2016: the forecast is cloudy By Warwick Bartlett The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne says that the UK economy faces a “cocktail” of threats from recessions in Brazil, Russia, turbulence in the Middle East, not to mention China’s falling stock market and currency. […]

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Latin America: proceed with caution

The reports from Brazil before Christmas that legislation to regulate gambling was finally going to be passed, after an earlier presidential veto, was a welcome gift for the gambling sector to take into the new year. But there are numerous examples from the South American continent to […]

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UK Lotto fever as jackpot rolls on

When Camelot made the Lotto jackpot harder to win last year by increasing the number of balls from 49 to 59, one of the arguments put forward in favour of the move was that it would lead to “bigger rolling jackpots”. As 2016 begins, Camelot has got […]

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