GBGC has established itself as the most credible specialist, independent, international gambling consultancy. Its expertise and specialist gambling reports mean GBGC can assist with a comprehensive range of projects.

GBGC’s central report is the Global Gambling Report, which is currently in its eleventh edition. The Global Gambling Report contains information about gambling activities in more than 250 jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has its own separate report and contains data, operator news, and tax and regulatory information for each gambling activity.

In addition to the jurisdiction reports the Global Gambling Report contains a wealth of databases with data on revenues for the global gambling market. Learn more about GBGC’s proprietary Key Markets Database here.

GBGC’s Interactive Gambling Report focuses on issues, data, and developments in the I-gaming sector – Internet, mobile phone, and iTV. It consists of a report with GBGC’s opinions on the state of the global I-gaming market and an accompanying spreadsheet with forecasts for revenues in the global I-gaming sector.

The Interactive Gambling Report also contains a special report on Mobile Gambling.

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GBGC’s subscription packages enable our customers to make a saving on the cost of purchasing certain reports individually. For example, the Platinum Subscription gives access to all of GBGC’s reports for a fee of GB£ 4,450. The subscription includes online access to our reports for one year. The files of the Global Gambling Report are updated on a monthly basis to ensure clients are keep up to date on the latest news and data.

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The research that GBGC conducts for its reports helps underpin its consultancy projects becuase we keep abreast of opportunities in all markets, new operators, and the deals being done.

 Read more about our work in the Case Studies section.

Some sample projects include:

GBGC was advisor to the Government of Malta for two years, helping Malta establish itself as a leading offshore gambling jurisdiction.

GBGC provided data on Internet gambling to legal representatives of the Government of Antigua to support its case against the United States at the World Trade Organisation.

GBGC was advisor to the Government of Botswana on the implementation of the country’s new Gambling Act.

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