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The growth of internet gambling has been phenomenal and will continue to be so in the future. At present only nine percent of gambling revenue is completed over the internet. Yet markets such as the UK internet gambling, accounts for over thirty percent of all gambling transactions. So the potential for growth is exponential.

To assist companies GBGC produces the Internet Gambling Report. This extensive report produces gambling data from 2004 to 2016 with forecasts up to 2019. The Internet Gambling Report covers betting, casino, exchanges, poker, bingo, state lotteries, skill and other gambling.

Mobile gambling now accounts for a large part of internet gambling. The use of mobile phones and smart devices such as tablets has enabled gamblers to bet during a football or cricket match either at home or while on the go. So GBGC devotes time to producing gambling statistics for mobile gambling.

Internet gambling exists because it is licensed by government, so it is important to keep up to date with current regulation. The Internet Gambling Report covers all the salient legal aspects, especially changes that could impact the internet gambling business. We produce this in a written report which accompanies the data set.

The report covers a summary of current regulation, the cost of regulation, changes within the European Union and the various countries that intend to legalise gambling and those that already have.

One of the most important features of the Internet Gambling Report is government tax trends. We highlight where gambling taxes are today, and the likely trend for tomorrow enabling gambling companies to plan for the future.

The report also includes data from GBGC’s iGBGC index. This index tracks the ten largest egaming company stock price movements so a trend in capital values is created over time. This useful index demonstrates that even though the growth in the market is high, the egaming industry still suffers like any other from recession.

Finally we have observed for some time that state lotteries have been slow to embrace internet as a means to sell lottery tickets. That is beginning to change with state lotteries now moving into egaming, and finding with little promotion they are able to increase sales. We devote a section on the data base of the Internet Gambling Report to monitor the performance of this important transition.

The Internet Gambling Report is used by existing major operators, governments, start ups and major business consultancies.

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Part 1: Data Report

Active Accounts by internet gambling product (Sportsbetting, Casino, Poker, Bingo) and region (2004-2019f)

Interactive Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) by product and region, with data on offshore and local internet gambling licences (2004-2019f)

Active account and internet gambling GGY data for more than 50 individual countries in Europe, Asia and Americas by product (2004-2019f)

Data for in-play betting, mobile gambling and live dealer gaming

GBGC Interactive Dataset 2015

GBGC Interactive Dataset 2015

GBGC Interactive Gambling Report 2

GBGC Interactive Gambling Report 2

GBGC Interactive Gambling Report 3

GBGC Interactive Gambling Report 3

GBGC Interactive Gambling Report 4

GBGC Interactive Gambling Report 4

Part 2: Analysis and Discussion of Internet gambling issues

GBGC Interactive Report contents

GBGC Interactive Report contents


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