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GBGC’s new Mobile Gambling Report 2011 assesses how new generation of devices are unlocking the potential of mobile gambling. The report covers the key issues of technology, distribution, regulation, and m-commerce.

In compiling the report GBGC has sought the views of operators at the forefront of mobile gambling as to future mobile gambling industry trends and developments. Interviewees include: Matti Zinder, CEO of Spiral Solutions, Olafur Andri Ragnarsson, Chief Software Architect at Betware, Per Lilie of Mobenga, and Brian MacSweeney of Boolabus.

GBGC calculates that the global m-Gambling market was worth US$2.7 billion in gross gaming yield (GGY) in 2010, encompassing all activities.

GBGC’s Mobile Gambling Report 2011 discusses a number topics relating to technology, distribution, regulation and m-commerce: (1) the power of smartphones, (2) attitude towards gambling from the app store, ‘guardians’ and regulators, (3) leading mobile handsets and the numbers being shipped, (4) what’s on offer in the different mobile gambling sector‚ betting, gaming, lottery, (5) profile of key suppliers in the mobile gambling sector, (6) GBGC’s forecasts for the global mobile gambling market.

The Mobile Gambling Report 2011 is available for GB£450 (+VAT) or is included as part of GBGC’s latest edition of its Interactive Gambling Report (GB £950 + VAT).

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Executive Summary 4
Introduction 6
Mobile Gambling – Definition and Services 7
Mobile Gambling – Issues Aligning 10
Technology 11
Access To Mobile Services 14
Smartphone Handsets 15
Tablets 17
Distribution 19
Approval and Attitude to Gambling 20
Open versus Closed 20
Fragmentation 21
Native versus Web Apps 23
Regulation 25
M-Gambling – What’s On Offer? 29
M-Gambling Suppliers 45
M-Gambling Market Size 50
M-Gambling and Customer Behaviour 53
Conclusions 58

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