Mobile Gambling Update
In the publication of its Q4 2009 results, Unibet’ CEO Petter Nylander, said that mobile gambling users had increased by 135% from Q3 2009 to Q4 2009. He attributed much of the growth to the use of the Apple iPhone.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2010 saw the introduction of Windows Phone 7 series. It is apparently a big improvement on Windows Mobile with some features that make Apple’ iPhone look old fashioned.
Microsoft has placed huge emphasis on social networking and communication with its new platform. Users can to bring together phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook pages, photo libraries and Twitter accounts into one element stream.
The buzz at the Congress was all around HTC, the privately-owned Taiwanese mobile phone company, behind many of Google’ Android devices. The most recent version of its Sense interface allows users to put contacts from their address book in separate groups and to create a social media aggregator “Friend Stream” to each contact, showing the latest Twitter and Facebook updates.