Do you want to be the IT Wise Guy?
In today’ economy, it’ a safe bet that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are the ideal opportunity for those companies who want to strip out the costs associated with owning, managing and maintaining those non-critical IT applications.
Colt’ Managed Workspace solution is a SaaS offering that is easily implemented and can quickly scale in line with your business needs. Once in place, Colt’ Managed Workspace reduces your organisation’ costs and capex whilst improving cash flow. You pay for what you use which ensures that immediate cost reductions can be realised without lost capital on owned software application assets.
An IT Optimisation SCORE makes you the WISE GUY in the gaming industry.
So instead of FIRING on IT applications assets, transform your company to be a consumer of MS Office and other IT applications and empower your business to be smartly focused on your core business.
Benefits at a Glance
So what are the immediate benefits of Colt’ Managed Workspace?
– MS Office Applications and standard desktop apps as a service
– SharePoint as a service (optional)
– Guaranteed high quality service & security supported by a service level agreement
– High-availability IT infrastructure without CAPEX demands
– Savings on capital investment & maintenance costs by out-tasking the applications requirement, and as a consequence, the IT hardware platform on which the applications are running
– Flexibility to increase or reduce the number of employee accounts thereby ensuring IT resource alignment with the business needs
– Mobility in the sense that Managed Workspace can enable home office and mobile workers to access to their applications and documents no matter where they are
– Retain the overview and control of the environment and complete IT application cost transparency
– Save time and money with shorter IT project durations accompanied by improved clarity on the project output.
Further information on Colt’ Managed Workspace services can be found by downloading our latest brochure
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