We are over the top and there is no turning back
Written by Mickey Charles, President & CEO of The Sports Network
The views expressed in this article represent those of the author and not necessarily those of GBGC

It was inevitable. It had to happen. The writing was not only on the wall, it covered it completely. We are awash in it. Up to our eyeballs. Consumed by communications. Exhausted by e-mail. Engulfed by video games. Drowning in mobile phones. Choking in applications and blackberrys. Absorbed by GPS systems. Texting up to our tushes…and beyond. Making books obsolete. Technology touches every bit of our being. Libraries will soon be abandoned. Intelligent conversation has been replaced by abbreviated and encoded texting. The traditional has become antiquated. The latest in earrings is headphones.

When is too much too much? When is enough not enough? When are we absolutely drunk with power and the force of everything electronic? When is now and, there is no end in sight.

Have a look…YouTube, MySpace and 130 million users, Twitter at 75 million, Facebook with its 400 million. LinkedIn at 85 million, mylife 51,000,000…are you kidding me? And, most of these users are driving their cars at 65 mph while checking in?

People are walking in the streets and speaking to the air, better defined as the plug in their ears. The adolescents of today can repeat the words of the most unintelligible and incomprehensible songs faster than they can any lessons provided in schools.

The list is endless and there is nothing but more and more on the horizon. It is a new age tsunami and you better learn how to ride it or you will be engulfed and perish. Yes, it is that simple. Corporations are already suffering as their charges spend more time with pornography, search engines, music, fantasy games, on facebook, and more, all on company time. Does all of this have advantages as the most intensive research imaginable is as far away as the length of your arms and fingers, to your keyboard? And, accomplished in seconds. Of course.

Can you communicate on an international and interplanetary level in an instant? Yes. Is that good? Please, need I respond? Do the benefits outweigh the detriments? So far. To be continued? To be seen and determined. Still, there is no stopping it, whatever the outcome. The terrorism of the future, for example, will not be some misguided fool laden with explosives around his or her waist, some child that has been brainwashed and corrupted to sell his life and soul to a shrouded and twisted mentality intent on insanity…it will be that same child whose fingers are moving deftly across a keyboard that gains him entry to everything from military secrets to international finance…hacking away for the sheer pleasure of disrupting the organized sequences of our society. That is terror we must fear!

However, and I am not dismissing it or I would not have mentioned it…that aside, the greater disruption and disorder of what was converted to what is and what will be is still in its formative stages and no one is certain whether the best, or worse, is yet to come. It looks good, for the most part, from our current vantage point and we are powerless to intervene unless we become part of the problem and/or solutions as they occur rather than the audience and beneficial recipients, or victims.

Obviously, as applied to medicine, scientific advancements, improvement in our lifestyles, greater learning for those who advantage all that is taking place to their betterment and advancement of the world as we now know it all that is taking place and lies ahead bodes well. We will move faster, read and learn more rapidly, all that we do will be accelerated. That means that you must embrace it and not stand idly by. Do the latter and you will surely drown. Learn to swim among algorithms, dive into a pool full of pixels, mix among megabits fearlessly, squeeze into schools of software, dance with designers.

It is too late. There is no turning back. The wave is as high as a skyscraper and it is gaining momentum every day, hour, minute and second. YouTube has become the international stage for the populace of the planet and it has, among other things, given us no less a “talent” than Justin Bieber who, if not for his mother, would still be trolling his neighbourhood for frogs. High tech does have some question marks but they come with the price of entry and moving forward.

The worlds of sports and gambling, often so inextricably intertwined, will not avoid the deluge and, so, it comes down to the applicability of what is at hand, what is available to do what has not been done before, to improve upon what has and try to dismiss the negative results with the outweighed positive ones. It is, indeed, a matter of give and take.

Grab a bathing suit, oxygen tank with plenty of air, mask, fins, dart or spear gun, key board, mouse and screen with high speed connection. You are all set. Now, dive to depths where no man has gone before!!!