Poker Suffers In World Cup
Sports books reported that the World Cup in South Africa was generally a good tournament for them, even though the pre-tournament favourites Spain became world champions. There were sufficient numbers of drawn matches, extra time and upsets to generate a good margin. Live betting also reached new heights for many sports books.

But whilst sports books were pleased, online poker specialists were less happy about the feast of football because online poker play did suffer during the second quarter of 2010 as punters’ attention was focused on events on the pitch rather than the baize.


Bwin attributed the 14.5% fall in its poker revenues (excluding Gioco Digitale) to the World Cup effect. 
Ladbrokes reported it had seen a “softening” in player numbers and yields during the World Cup tournament. 
The graph below shows how poker liquidity moves during June and July 2010. Liquidity was based at 1.00 at the start of June and was down 0.20 points (20%) during the tournament and much of July. Even during the World Cup the effect of matches being played on poker liquidity can be clearly shown. 
The graph below shows poker liquidity over three days during the World Cup tournament. The days of 30 June and 1 July were rest days between the Last 16 round and Quarter Finals. One afternoon game and one evening game were played on 2 July.

As the graph shows, poker liquidity was down by around 17% on the day when there were two Quarter Finals being played, compared to the previous two days. 
With the seasonally quiet third quarter now upon us, it will be interesting to see if fortunes can be revived come the final portion of the year. 
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