Betting Shop Media Becoming Price Sensitive
The introduction of a second television channel for betting shops has caused the cost of media rights to rocket for the UK’ betting shops. Coupled with the effects of the recession GBGC believes that the future is going to be a hard grind.

With this in mind GBGC canvassed four prominent bookmakers in September to ask their current views on having to take racing pictures from two suppliers. GBGC promised not to release their names so their answers would be frank and would not prejudice any negotiations they are having with suppliers or investors.

The first was a medium-sized bookmaker with fewer than 20 shops. They take both services and expect to continue to do so depending on price.
The second was a major bookmaker and said they also had both services and would continue to do so but only if a reasonable price was agreed. 

The third bookmaker has fewer than 100 shops and has never taken the Turf TV service but does take the service supplied by SIS. He said his business plan does not include ever taking a second channel in Turf TV.
His opinion was that the market is changing and that Turf TV is 10 years out of date. 

Bookmaker number four has an estate of between 50 and 100 shops and said that competitive pressure meant that he had to take both services but in quite a few shops it was uneconomical to do so. He said he would be looking at his contracts to select a single in those shops.
Of course, the survey does need to be expanded to draw a meaningful conclusion but these initial consultations do appear to show that this market is becoming more price sensitive and the choice between one service or another may be an option forced on bookmakers through commercial necessity rather than choice.