EIG Moves to Milan – Hooray!
The European I-Gaming Congress and Expo is moving to Milan in 2011 and the cheers can be heard from all those who have just spent a week in the expensive city of Copenhagen.
In Copenhagen a glass of wine hit delegates for £11 and a bottled beer £6. Perhaps it was this which led to the rather sombre mood amongst this year’ delegates.
So next year it is Milan and regardless of price you will know the weather will be warmer, the people their normal effusive selves, and the food and wine will be great.
Checking the list of most expensive cities Milan comes in at 15, London is 17th and Copenhagen is 10th*.
Yes, there are actually nine cities more expensive to live in than Copenhagen. If you know which city topped the survey, then you should apply to go on Mastermind – it is in fact Luanda, the capital of Angola.
Hint to conference organisers – Frankfurt in Germany ranks at 50. It has a world-class hub airport.
*Source: Mercer Cost of Living Survey 2010
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