EPL results: what a difference a year makes
The bookmakers always win in the long run and never has this been proved more accurate than in the early season football results in the English Premier League.

Drawn matches are generally a good result for bookmakers and in the first two months of last season (2009/2010) there was a statistically abnormal number of draws. Several operators pointed to unfavourable football results as the reason for poor gross win margins in the third quarter of 2009.
In August and September 2009 there were only 4 draws out of 66 games played, equating to a draw percentage of 6.1%. The draw percentage over the entire season was 25.2%.
This compares with a draw percentage of 36.7% for the first two months of the current season, where 22 out of 60 games have been stalemates.
Manchester United drew 4 matches in the whole of last season but has already drawn 5 games by mid-October this season, often throwing away winning positions. The performance of another “Big Four” club, Liverpool, has also helped bookmakers. At the end of October last season, Liverpool sat in fifth position but, this season, the team has been stuck at the wrong end of the table. Anything that disrupts punters’ “banker” bets is good for the bookmakers. 

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