New Products At G2E
Whilst visiting the G2E exhibition GBGC came across a few new ideas for betting and gaming products.

Intelligent Games USA has created three new table game concepts for casinos: Casino Backgammon, Baccarat Hold’em, and Casino Dominoes.
In Baccarat Hold’em the player is dealt two cards. The player can then decide whether to use the cards to play a hand of baccarat or Texas Hold’em poker, or both. The player can also fold the cards.
Buzz Sports is hoping that its Zone Play concept will bring innovation to sports betting. Buzz Sports describes Zone Play as “what happens next betting in real-time”. For example, in football players can place bets on whether the next event will be a corner, freekick, goal, etc. The Zone Play idea has been applied to other sports including: American football, cricket, tennis, basketball, and baseball.