Global Betting and Gaming Consultants measure the state of the gaming industry through two indices, the GBGC 50 and the iGBGC index. The GBGC 50 includes the 50 largest listed companies in the gambling industry, both land-based and online. The iGBGC index includes the ten largest listed companies whose main focus is on remote gambling. The indices track the performance of the listed companies, i.e. movements in their share price. 

The growing significance of the Asian market is also shown by the fact that 15 Asia-based companies are now included in the GBGC 50 index, up from 10 at the beginning of 2008. Five of the top ten ranking spots are now taken by Asian companies, up from one in 2008. Their inclusion in the index is also aided by their increased visibility and more data available on their performance.
As the global financial crisis hit the industry, many more companies were delisted than listed, unlike during the “good years”. The rare listings showed the increasing significance of the Asian market, where Wynn Macau and Sands China spun-off from their parent companies and became separate listed entities in autumn 2009, earning a place in our index since the beginning of 2010. Those companies remained major players in 2011, too, with both included among the top five ranking companies in our GBGC 50 index at the beginning of 2011.
In 2011 we have added two new companies to our index; Macau giant SJM Holdings and recently listed Betfair, which have replaced casino companies Isle of Capri and Groupe Partouche. Betfair is one of five predominantly interactive companies that are large enough to be included in the GBGC 50 index, with the top spot belonging to Playtech, a leader of the iGBGC index. 
The iGBGC Index has performed much better since 2005 than the GBGC 50 Index. In both 2009 and 2010 the GBGC 50 started the year below its 2005 starting price of 100.
The GBGC 50 has grown by 21% between January 2005 and January 2011, compared with 169% for the iGBGC Index.
But in the calendar year 2010 the GBGC 50 outperformed the iGBGC. The GBGC 50 rose by 35.3 points (41%) over the course of the year, whilst the iGBGC fell by 12.5%.
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