Betting On Regulation – 6th Global Gambling Report
GBGC is pleased to announce that its 6th edition of its Global Gambling Report – Betting on Regulation is available for purchase now.
The title Betting on Regulation was chosen to reflect the quickening pace of regulation that GBGC believes will continue in the coming years.

In times of trouble and when money is tight it is amazing how quickly principles and objections are put to one side when the opportunity to raise some much needed funds comes along. Dire economic times enable governments to sidestep moral objections and start taxing gambling. Such has been the economic crisis over the last few years that governments have been desperate to raise funds from any source possible. It is usually such an economic environment which facilitates further regulation of the gambling industry.
The report finds that the global gambling market’ revenues rose by 5% in 2010, recovering from a 3% fall in the previous year.
The global market was worth US$ 389.5 billion in 2010, as measured by gross gaming yield (GGY). 

It has been a hectic 12 months in the world’ gambling markets since the last edition of the report was published:
‚Ä¢ Macau’ casinos had a record year in 2010 after a disappointing 2009
‚Ä¢ Singapore’ two new casino resorts opened
‚Ä¢ France’ new Internet regulation came into force in time for the World Cup in South Africa
• Video Lottery Terminals were launched in the Italian market
‚Ä¢ Chile’ new casinos were disrupted by an earthquake at the start of 2010
• Greece has proposed regulation for Internet gambling and gaming machines
• Numerous Bill have been proposed, amended, withdrawn, and rejected for Internet gambling in states across the US
• New Machine Games Duty to be consulted on in the UK
GBGC’ comprehensive assessment of the gambling market covers all these stories and more in one publication. 

Individual country reports on 250+ individual gambling jurisdictions 
Coverage of all gambling segments – betting, casinos, lotteries, bingo, gaming machines, Internet gambling, charitable gaming 
More than 1,500 pages of data and information on gambling regulation, taxes, revenues, and operators 
Key Markets Database with data sequence from 2001 to date 
Full global gambling appendixes for 2007 and 2008
Regional and product forecasts extended to 2015 
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