Poker Liquidity Drops Following US DOJ Action
Unsurprisingly, player liquidity has dropped at the poker websites involved in the action by the US Department of Justice on Friday 15 April 2011.

In data collected by GBGC, it shows that PokerStars’ liquidity was down by 25% since Friday 15 April compared to the same period of the month of January 2011. Full Tilt’s liquidity was down by 46% by the same measure of comparison.

Given Friday’ dramatic developments the shake-out as to the winners and losers is still unfolding. Even with the loss of the .com domain and loss of US players, PokerStars was showing 130,000 players on its site on the afternoon of Monday 18 April 2011.
If nothing else you have to admire the company’ resilience, speed of response, and ability to continue operating. Having your main domain seized by the authorities would have been terminal in other sectors.
PokerStars and Full Tilt’ competitors have long complained about the unfair playing field and the advantage gained by the firms’ activity in the US. The market has changed overnight again (flashbacks to 2006?) and the European firms have been quick to try and tempt players away from PokerStars et al.
The playing field is flatter now but who will emerge victorious?