State of the States – E-gaming in the US
The e-gaming picture in the US just got more complicated.
In response GBGC has published a 20-page State of the States Report into the prospects for Internet gambling in the US to help our readers keep abreast of the issues.

The report covers: California, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, and Nevada.
It has been written and updated since the action by the Department of Justice in the US against Full Tilt, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker.
This timely, informative and concise report is available for just GB£ 250 (+VAT if applicable)

If you are interested in purchasing a copy please email lorien [at] or call 01624 827 138 

Excerpt from Nevada Section by James Rutherford

PokerStars’ Losing Gamble
Las Vegas Democrat William Horne’s Assembly Bill 258 authorizing the state of Nevada to regulate and license Internet poker was coasting toward passage in the 2011 legislative session on some generous trade winds blowing down from the Isle of Man. Then, tacking way too close to Washington, it hit an epic storm.
Now the Isle of Man-based Web gambling giant and its founders are on the run from the United States government, calls are out for a probe into its influence-peddling, and the A-team of lobbyists and lawmakers the company has spent thousands to recruit will be spending the remainder of the session cleaning the egg from their faces.
The company even had secured Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn as a partner. But that’s all over now too.