Japan Uses Lotteries To Aid Reconstruction
Authorities in Japan are using special lotteries in an effort to help reconstruction in the regions devastated by the earthquake and tsunami which struck the country in March 2011.

In April 2011 the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry gave permission for local authorities in regions hit by the disaster to sell a total of JPY30 billion in lottery tickets to finance rebuilding work. The tickets will cost JPY200 and will be sold between 30 July and 9 August 2011. It is anticipated that JPY14.3 billion in profits will be raised for use in aid and construction.
The Tokyo metropolitan government is also planning a “reconstruction” lottery in the summer with the intention of raising a further JPY1.0 billion in proceeds for the earthquake damaged areas. It is unusual under Japanese Local Finance Laws for one local government to raise funds on behalf of another local government.
In addition the National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health (NAASH) is reported to be using its funds to help rebuild sports stadia and other facilities in the earthquake-hit regions.