For seventeen years Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) have been collecting gambling statistic, and data for the global gambling industry. Our research is unparalleled with over 80,000 data points that covers land based gambling data, and internet gambling data.

We have gambling statistics for betting, casino, bingo, internet gambling, horse racing, and poker.

Our gambling statistics and data are widely quoted in the media, and the financial industry because of their need to size the industry and thus realise the potential of any particular business.

Anyone coming into the industry will need to know the size of the industry, the profit margins, and the potential for their project within this growing and dynamic industry. This where GBGC can assist. We can provide accurate gambling data so that you can move forward on sound economic principles.

Our key market gambling data base and the appendix of gambling statistics includes over 80,000 data points and will be of invaluable help in wither sizing a gambling market or competing research on a particular country where gambling takes place.

GBGC first began publishing gambling data with our first Global Gambling Report in 2000. This means we have a data base going right back seventeen years so that clients can see the long term trends of gambling statistics in every country and every continent throughout the world.

GBGC also makes forecasts for every market where gambling takes place and our gambling statistic forecasts are frequently quoted by the media.

If you require gambling statistics or data please feel free to get in touch. We will respond same day or within 24 hours.