Asia Becomes World’ Biggest Gambling Region
Asia overtook Europe to become the world’ largest gambling region in 2010.

Asian gambling revenues surged by 20% in 2010 to US$ 122 billion , whilst revenues from all gambling activities in Europe fell by 3% to US$ 114 billion according to Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ (GBGC) sixth edition of its comprehensive Global Gambling Report – Betting on Regulation.
You don’t have to look far to find the reason behind Asia’ phenomenal gambling performance in a year of global economic uncertainty.
Casino revenues in Macau, the world’ largest casino jurisdiction, soared by 57% in 2010 and Singapore’ two new casino resorts also opened their doors, surpassing all expectations. 

Asia now accounts for 31% of the US$ 390 billion global gambling market. Globally, total gambling revenues fell by 3% in 2009 but recovered in 2010 to rise by 5%. GBGC forecasts that Asia’ dominance will continue and the region will have a 35% share of the world’ gambling revenues by 2015.
Warwick Bartlett, GBGC’ Chief Executive, commented, “At the start of 2011 GBGC’ index of the largest listed gambling companies showed that 4 of the top 5 were based in Asia. The revenues for 2010 have confirmed Asia’ strength in the world’ gambling market.” 
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