Asia’ Quiet Rise To Dominance in Global E-gaming Market
Few outside of Asia truly appreciate the rise in scale, revenues and influence of the online betting and gaming sector in South-East Asia over the last five years. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of information available about the operators based there and the failure of Western observers to understand what is happening in the market.

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ latest edition of its Interactive Gambling Report includes a special market focus on online gambling in South-East Asia to provide some insight into the business models, marketing strategies, and customer preferences in the region.
The monopolies of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Japan Racing Association have been some of the most innovative online gambling operators precisely because they face strong competition from firms licensed offshore. 

Operators like SBOBet, 188bet, and 12bet have come to wider attention in Europe through their sponsorship of football teams such as Seville, Bolton Wanderers, West Ham, and Wigan Athletic.
The market focus in the report looks at the agency system which operates in South-East Asia, the dominance of betting on credit, whether deposit betting can gain a foothold, consumer betting preferences, and in-running betting.
For private operators (ie non-government) South-East Asia still represents a bastion of the “golden age” of the online gambling business that was built upon offshore licences, low taxes and high payouts. 
Elsewhere in the Interactive Gambling Report GBGC assesses how the e-gaming business model is faring with the new industry trend for high-tax domestic licensing regimes that is emerging in Europe. The early indications are that the profit margins for e-gaming are a lot less attractive under the new model than the land-based gambling sector. 
“For all the effort, risk, and regulatory hoop jumping, some of the online firms are converting a lot less of their revenues into net profit than their retail counterparts,” explains GBGC Research Director Lorien Pilling. 
Online gambling regulation in Europe – in particular Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, UK – and the United States (federal and state level) is still a key topic in the Interactive Gambling Report but we also take the opportunity to look at emerging markets, how bingo is thriving in the “connected age”, and the threat of capital controls being imposed in the current economic environment. 
The current edition of GBGC’ Interactive Gambling Report also includes our new Mobile Gambling Report 2011.
The Interactive Gambling Report is available for GB£950 (+VAT) and includes a comprehensive dataset for the global Interactive gambling industry by country and product.