Casino Scammed In Cannes
The French police arrested four people last week in connection with a highly sophisticated scam to hit Lucien Barrière’ Les Princes casino in Cannes in the south of France.

With the help of an accomplice in the casino, three Italian poker players allegedly managed to plant packs of cards that were marked with symbols written in invisible ink, visible only to those wearing infrared glasses.
The three players perpetrated the scam by playing stud poker against a house dealer, and with their infrared glasses on they could read the symbols on the cards which indicated their values. The scam apparently went on for several months but the local authorities became suspicious after the gang won a total of EUR44,000 and the police set up an investigation.
The three players, unaware that their luck had run out and possibly propelled by greed, went back to the casino and netted another EUR20,000, but were arrested while leaving the casino. The police also arrested a dealer at the casino.
A local newspaper reported that the three were linked to serious organized crime and French investigators are trying to find out if the same swindle was perpetrated in any other casinos in France or Europe.
The BBC reported a lawyer for one of the Italians as saying his client denied wrongdoing. The lawyer said his client had “come to the Cote [d’Azur] with a friend to have a good time and only brought a pair of sandals, a towel and a pack of cards, but that doesn’t make him a cheat”.