Don’t Bet on Obama Winning in 2012
By Warwick Bartlett
Taking a taxi ride in Miami last month for the Public Gaming Conference, the driver told me President Obama will not get re-elected as president of the USA next year. “A lot of people are not happy with him, the economy is in a mess, people are losing their jobs and they see no improvement. We thought he would be okay but it hasn’t turned out that way so we need a change” he explained.
I asked who would replace him and he did not know. All he knew was that Obama was not going to get the vote.
In the conference hotel it was the same result – “The guy just hadn’t stepped up to the plate,” said one delegate. So if it isn’t going to be Obama then we have to look to the Republicans and the front runners are Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.
Romney is a Mormon and Mormons reject all forms of gambling. In fact, some members of the Mormon faith do not even drink coffee or tea because it has caffeine, so forget about the legalisation of poker under a future Romney presidency.
Rick Perry has done a good job as Governor of Texas creating jobs and growing the economy. Where does he stand on gambling? He is a Methodist. Not only that, he believes in Dominionism, which has the aim of a nation ruled by Christians.
On 12 May 2010 the Dallas Morning News reported that Gov. Perry had said he was against expanded gambling in Texas. Perry has voted against the legalisation of online gambling previously.
Is the online gambling industry doomed in the USA? Not yet! There is a third contender Herman Cain a black American who, as a newly appointed Chief Executive, turned around Godfather Pizza. In a straw poll of Republican activists in Orlando, Florida (September 2011) Cain beat both Perry and Romney and took 37% of the vote.
It is too early to say where the Baptist Cain stands on gambling but if he can raise the funds necessary to win an election the e-gaming industry maybe in with a chance. My guess is that no one will come out in favour of gambling during an election. Why would they?
Winner of the US Presidential Election 2012
Barack Obama Evs
Mitt Romney 11/8
Herman Cain 9/1
Rick Perry 9/1
Source: William Hill, 18 October 2011