bet90’s “Temple of Football” Opens in Harrow, UK
A new concept in retail betting will hit the high street in Harrow, UK this weekend (29 October 2011) when bet90 opens its first ‘pure football‘ shop in the UK.
bet90 specialises in football betting and is a pioneer of the ‘live bet 0:0‘ form of betting, which enables customers to bet on the match up until the final whistle.
With the ‘live bet 0:0‘ a customer is betting on which team will score more goals from the time the bet is placed until the end of the match‚ i.e. regardless of the current score in the match, at the time a customer places a bet it is assumed the score is 0:0. Only the goals scored after a customer’s bet is struck count towards determining the result and whether or not the bet is a winner.
At the time of the bet placement the score in the match between Arsenal and Chelsea is 0:2
• The match ends Arsenal 1:2 Chelsea at the final whistle.
The match result for the bet is Arsenal 1:0 Chelsea because after the bet was placed Arsenal scored one goal and Chelsea did not score. A bet on Arsenal is, therefore, a winner.
The ‘live bet 0:0’ system is established in Germany and is now the market leader in over-the-counter retail betting in the country. The technology behind the live odds system is impressive and enables for the fastest live updates to in-running prices.
The photos below show the system in operation in a betting shop in Cologne during a busy Saturday afternoon of matches.

Cologne Betting Shop

Cologne Betting Shop - live bet 0:0

Cologne Betting Shop Screens

Cologne Betting Shop Screens - live bet 0:0

The beauty of the system for football fans is that it gives them an interest in the match right to the final whistle, regardless of the score line. In the example above, an Arsenal fan can still strike a winning bet on his team even though Arsenal lost the match over 90 minutes.
bet90 is bringing the concept to the UK retail betting market and it is perfectly timed to tap into the growing interest in football betting and particularly in-running (live) betting.
With a 250 square metre shop, six big screens, up to 12 matches being broadcast simultaneously, and odds offered on 150 matches from around the world, bet90 believes it has created a real ‘temple of football’ for fans of football and betting.
Founder of bet90, Michael Friedrich (himself a professional gambler), explains “Our vision at bet90 is to make betting as simple as possible, while giving customers more time to enjoy the football match.”
bet90’s new shop opens on Saturday 29 October 2011 at 347-349 Station Road, Harrow, London.