State lotteries around the world are failing to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by Internet and mobile technology to boost sales in mature markets. In an increasingly competitive global gambling market this failure to use new technology – either through reticence or regulatory constraint – is costing lotteries dearly.

Globally, lotteries accounts for 28% of gambling revenues. This share makes lotteries the leading gambling category. But in the interactive sector (Internet and mobile), state lotteries account for less than 10% of revenues (2011p: 9.9%).  
GBGC Interactive Revenues
 Europe’s state lotteries lead the way in developing online and mobile sales channels for their players. Europe has more than 50% share of interactive lottery GGY at present.
GBGC Interactive Lottery Revenues
“Lottery draw games are ideally suited to both online and mobile play. But many state lotteries have, so far, failed to capitalise fully on interactive sales channels. With the recent legal opinion on the Wire Act in the US, GBGC would expect the online lottery landscape to change in the coming years,” explained Lorien Pilling, Research Director at Global Betting and Gaming Consultants. 
GBGC will be attending Public Gaming Smart Tech Conference in New York in March 2012 discussing the topic of lotteries and the Internet.