The injunction sought by Codere against Sportingbet in the Commercial Court in Madrid comes into force today (27 March 2012).
At the end of 2011 Codere sought injunctions against a number of offshore-licensed gambling operators that were targeting Spanish players. Codere argued that it was unfair competition.  The action came as the Spanish government was in the process of regulating the Spanish e-gaming market and enabling firms to apply for domestic licences.

The Spanish courts rejected Codere’s applications for injunctions with the exception of the Commercial Court in Madrid. In the middle of February 2012 Sportingbet attended a hearing at the court in Madrid but failed to have the injunction rejected.
The Court granted the injunction against Sportingbet which comes into force on 27 March 2012.
Sportingbet is filing an appeal against the decision and has also applied for a licence under the Spanish Gambling Laws 2011. The company expects to gain its licence before the end of May 2012.
Sportingbet’s Spanish licence is likely to operate under the domain.