Sportingbet and Bwin.Party have both announced they are in discussions concerning payment of back taxes for their e-gaming business in Spain over the last few years.
The issue of back taxes has been one of the more contentious hurdles in the efforts to obtain an internet gambling licence in Spain.

Sportingbet announced (21 May 2012) simply that “The Board of Sportingbet Plc is in discussions with the Spanish Ministry of Finance about a potential outstanding tax liability covering its operations in Spain from January 2009 – May 2011. A further announcement will be made in due course.”

**Update 22 May 2012** Sportingbet has said it will be making a back tax payment of EUR 14 million plus interest of up to EUR 3.2 million. Sportingbet has had to undertake a sale of GBP 15 million in 7% convertible bonds due 2016.
Bwin.Party, however, has gone further and stated:
“We have today (21 May 2012) completed a tax self-assessment in accordance with the Spanish Tax Authority’s requirements and as a result are making a payment of €25.6m plus surcharges and interest of up to €8m. Having taken these steps, we believe we have now fulfilled all requirements and look forward to receiving our licence and entering the Spanish market.”
Licences for the Spanish market have been delayed a couple of times but are expected to be issued in June 2012. 
Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ Director Lorien Pilling commented, “The e-gaming firms will no doubt say the back taxes are a small price to pay to be allowed to continue operating in the sizeable Spanish market. But this tax move puts another dent in the online gambling business model and sets a worrying precedent. One can imagine that other countries, like Greece, will look on with great interest.”