There is a clear business case and immediate need for investment in technology to drive marketing ROI, revenue generation and operational effectiveness.
Marketers Have No Choice But To Adopt Marketing Technology
Marketers are accountable for generating more conversions, leads and revenue through more channels (often in real-time) with less time, budget and resources than ever before and must use technology to move from experimentation to driving results.
Forbes Magazine, March 2012
Rex Briggs in his book ‘SIRF’s-Up – Catching the Next Wave in Marketing’ states: “I can see marketers without good process getting crushed by increasing media fragmentation and complexity.”
Briggs recounts how global brands such as Coca-Cola, Best Buy and MTV have saved themselves billions in wasted advertising spend by using improved, self-managed technology and equations known as Spend to Impact Response Functions (SIRFs).
In the last edition of our newsletter GBGC wrote about how technology is driving efficiency in the marketing activities undertaken by gambling companies.
We highlighted the case study of Genting UK’s work with Afinium that resulted in them winning a Marketing Society Gold Award. Afinium are only now just making our software available to the whole Gambling market, after working exclusively with Genting, with whom the software has been perfected.
* Grow customer base / new client acquisition
* Improve ROI and speed of payback of marketing budget
* Maximise LTV (life time value) by cross-selling / up selling and client retention / loyalty
* Minimising CPA (cost per acquisition): lean / agile, efficient and effective process
Afinium has 3 main software suites each with a number of optional modules, so that a company can begin at their level, but get better and evolve their use on-demand / on an ad-hoc basis:
1) Data Centre: three core functions operating in a closed loop to empower sales & marketing professionals
-Data integration / consolidation & creation of a single customer view (SCV)
-data analysis / insight
-outbound personalised multi-steam / integrated engagement campaigns and via triggered / automated rules with tracking
-additional functionality includes customer service / complaints handling etc.
2) Stream – this can of course integrate with the data centre, and is all about on-line dialogue and e-commerce with customers through easy to create, tailor and adapt templates
-on-line surveys to inform product development, gain insight into customer’s by informing SCV
-fully compliant e-enrolment / e-registration / e-purchase
-use of pURLs (personalised URLS) and truly personalised interaction with on-line customers
3) Data Stream – this is a combination of data centre and stream so that the closed loop is extended to enable a powerful virtuous feedback loop between gaining greater and greater insight about customers through stream and the ability to communicate strategically and effectively through data centre by leveraging the scv that stream is enriching / informing, and then of course stream can also enable fully compliant e-purchase
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