Ryan Hightower, spokesman for the California Online Poker Association (COPA), a coalition of 60 California Tribal Governments and Card Clubs, released the following statement today regarding recommended amendments to SB 1463:

“The California Online Poker Association today presented a set of amendments to SB 1463 to Senator Rod Wright and members of the legislature.
The amendments would ensure California receives its fair share of revenues and jobs from online poker rather than allowing them to be shipped out-of-state. California cannot afford to give up 1,300 jobs and $1.4 billion in new revenue for California over the next ten years by further delaying online poker legislation.
Recognizing the state’s dire need for new revenue and in the spirit of compromise COPA also included as part of these amendments solutions that address concerns raised by other stakeholders involved in this debate. Delay simply for the sake of delay is not an option anymore for California.
COPA’s proposal is supported by a growing coalition that includes SEIU, PORAC, VICA and others, along with 15,000 individuals who have all rallied to support passing online poker legislation this year.
With millions of Californians playing poker online, consumer protections are desperately needed. To put this off another year is not in anyone’s best interest. We urge Senator Wright and others support the passage of SB 1463 with these amendments.”
A summary of the COPA amendments can be read here: COPA Summary of Proposed Amendments to SB 1463.