Back in July Global Betting and Gaming Consultants recommended taking the bet on Team GB winning fewer than 7 medals in track and field during the London games.

We wrote at the time “2.50 about “under 7 medals” appears an excellent bet”.
If you had followed our advice you should have collected your winnings by now, more than doubling your money. Not a bad return for two weeks’ work, especially given what the banks are offering in interest at the moment.
Team GB collected 6 medals in track and field in 2012, consistent with their performance in previous games. Beforehand, there seemed to be some over optimism about the chances of some of GB’s athletes with “home advantage”, which was reflected in the betting odds on offer. And whilst it is good to be patriotic, when it comes to betting, unfortunately there is no room for patriotism.
As any England football fan will tell you, allowing patriotic over-optimism to influence your betting decisions simply leaves you with a wallet emptier than England’s trophy cabinet.