Eastern Europe Gaming Summit
EEGS – the Eastern European gaming summit is the most prestigious forum in the gaming industry in Southeast Europe. For the fifth time it calls together experts and professionals from the land based and online gaming, leisure and tourism sectors around the world to share information, experience and ideas.

The conference is organized by the Bulgarian Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI). For more information: www.eegamingsummit.com
BEGE EXPO – the leading event on the Balkans for products and services for the gaming and leisure industry is held for the 5th anniversary year calling together vendors and operators from varied sectors from all over the world. 

The represented sectors include products and services for amusement and leisure centers, casinos, gaming halls, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc., along with additional marketing products, digital information technologies and media, mobile applications, security systems etc. For more information: www.balkangamingexpo.com 
Representatives from Gaming industry all over the world arrive in Bulgaria
From 14th to 18th October in Sofia, Bulgaria two of the biggest events in the Gaming industry of the Eastern Europe: the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) and the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition (BEGE) take place for the 5th time.
The Eastern European Gaming Summit will take place on 14th and 15th October at Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia, putting on discussion the most important topics and the most current tendencies in the Eastern European region. The focus will be put on the new legislation in Bulgaria and other European countries, reflecting the dynamic changes and the new technological tendencies in the industry, including: server-based games, remote gambling, sport betting, etc. Experts from the sector will discuss the challenges, which the industry meets today and will share their experience and vision for resolving different cases and issues. This year, on its anniversary edition, EEGS will call together guests and speakers, representing all major international organizations from the Gaming industry with a record number of national regulators from 15 countries. 
As a tradition EEGS will be holding the annual EEGS Masterclass – qualification educational school for increasing the qualification of professionals from the Gaming and Casino industry. This year’s seminar will be managed by Lucien Wijsman – expert with over 20 years experience and founder of Slot Academy. The seminar will be dedicated to the current topic of introduction of server-based games.
Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition (BEGE) will be held between 16th and 18th October at Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
The exhibition will make Sofia once again a centre of the entertainment industry of the Eastern Europe and the Balkans. This year there will be displayed the latest innovations of more than 40 companies from Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, United Kingdom, USA, Sweden, Taiwan, Isle of Man, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg and Malta. They will demonstrate their new solutions to operators and clients from the entertainment sector, casino and gaming industry, remote gaming, and mobile technologies, along with the supporting sectors: tourism, show business and leisure. Bringing more entertainment to visitors, this year organizers are planning many additional events including fashion shows, demonstrations, DJ-party, the Beauty Contest “Miss Gaming, hold together with Visages Model Group and the special participation of some of the most famous pop stars in the country.
Both events are initiative of Bulgarian Trade Association of the Manufacturers and Organizers in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) and will be supported by some of the leaders of the sector. 
Luxurious lunch for the participants in the EEGS will be provided by GLI – Europe, which is a world leader in testing and certifying of electronic games equipment. A polite host of the party after the conference will be Princess Hotel & Casino Sofia, and an Official sponsor of the lobby bar of the expo will be SBTech – a leading provider of interactive sport betting solutions and services.