Live Long And Gamble!
By Warwick Bartlett
Life is a lottery and it just so happens that where you live can determine how long you will live.
We are told the Mediterranean diet will prolong life, all that sunshine, olive oil and fresh fruit and vegetables. We are told that countries that have an excellent health service will prolong life.
All wrong!

According to the CIA World Factbook which has compiled the latest life expectancy rates from birth the nations that like to gamble most have the highest rates of life expectancy. 

1. Monaco Life Expectancy: 89.68 years Home of the first European casino 
2. Macau 84.43 Largest gambling market in the world 
3. Japan 83.91 Largest horseracing market, Pachinko 
4. Singapore 83.75 Home to two mega casinos 
5. San Marino 83.07 Small state one big casino 
6. Andorra 82.50 Tax efficient jurisdiction 
7. Guernsey 82.24 egaming hub
Hong Kong 82.12 Hong Kong Jockey Club & largest Internet sports site 
9. Australia 81.90 Casinos, pokies machines, horse racing 
10. Italy 81.86 Larger gambling market than UK 
If exposure to gambling is so bad why are people living in Macau living so long? Is it the food? Not really, you can certainly eat well in Macau but practically all the food is imported.
Unlike Giovanni in Italy tending his sheep and growing his carrots in the garden, Zhang in Macau has to eat imported fruit and vegetables from China.
Is it the air quality? Hardly Macau is next to one of China’s most industrial regions.
Wait there is another factor. The top eight states are all low tax areas which mean that people keep more of their own money. This enables them to make ends meet more easily. They don’t have to have a whip round every time they full up the car with petrol. They can afford medical insurance and dental care.
Next time you vote for more Government spending just remember that as you do so your taxes will rise and you will shorten your life by three years!