The weak performance of some of Europe’s major gambling markets acted to slow growth in global gambling revenues in 2012, according to the findings of the latest gambling research by Global Betting and Gaming Consultants for its eighth edition of the Global Gambling Report – Raising The Stakes.

Global gambling revenues rose by around 2% to US$ 430 billion in 2012. Within that revenue figure, Europe accounted for US$ 120 billion, a fall of US$ 4.4 billion on the previous year’s gambling revenues.
By contrast, Asia’s gambling revenues rose from US$ 129 billion to US$ 135 billion between 2011 and 2012, an increase of 5%.


GBGC Global Gambling Revenues 2012 By Region 
Asia now accounts for 32% of global gambling revenues as is the largest region as measured by gambling revenues across all sectors. Europe, despite its woes, is in second place with a gambling market share of 28%. 
GBGC Global Gambling Revenues 2012 Split By Region 
GBGC’s research into the effect of poor economic conditions on the gambling sector shows a strong correlation.
In Spain, for example, the data shows a strong link between falling GDP and a fall in revenues in different gambling sectors such as lotteries and casinos.
GBGC Gambling and Recession in Spain   
“At the time GBGC went to press with the new edition of the Global Gambling Report the Eurozone crisis was flaring up again in Cyprus and causing uncertainty in other European markets with the response of the ECB and IMF.
The Eurozone crisis’s legacy will be felt for many years to come in economies across Europe and will continue to have an impact upon the region’s gambling markets,” commented GBGC’s Director Lorien Pilling.

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