GBGC Global Gambling Report 8th Edition Available Now
GBGC is pleased to announce the publication of the 8th edition of its market-leading Global Gambling Report – Raising The Stakes.
The Global Gambling Report continues to provide data, news, and regulatory updates for more than 250 gambling jurisdictions around the world.

In addition there is the comprehensive GBGC Key Markets Database which has data for all the major gambling markets by individual gambling sector. The data runs from 2001 and, as part of the new eighth edition of the Global Gambling Report, GBGC has revised and extended the forecasts until 2017. The data is published in both local currency and US dollar.
At the same time as publishing the new Global Gambling Report – Raising The Stakes, GBGC has also published the latest edition of its Interactive Gambling Report. This report too has had the forecasts extended until 2017. 

• Updated country reports 
• New full appendix of gambling data for 2011 (full appendices now from 2007 – 2011) 
• Gambling data forecasts extended up to 2017 
• Updated GBGC gambling operators database 
• New edition of the Interactive Gambling Report 
• Interactive gambling data forecasts extended up to 2017 
All of this comprehensive and vital gambling data, gambling statistics, and gambling information is available through Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ Platinum Subscription.
The Global Gambling report is essential reading for gambling executives.
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