Regulated internet gambling markets with local licences are continuing to take an ever increasing share of the world’s e-gaming revenues. Such are the findings of the latest edition of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ Interactive Gambling Report.

In 2012 GBGC calculates that 40.4% of the US$ 32.9 billion in global revenues for internet sport betting, casino, poker and bingo came from e-gaming firms operating under a local licence. This was an increase from the 38.0% for global revenues in 2011.
GBGC forecasts that almost 44% of global revenues for online sports betting, casino, poker, and bingo will be earned under a local e-gaming licence by 2017.
There are, of course, great variations in the percentage of locally regulated revenues between regions and online gambling activities.
For example, 50% of global sports betting revenues were earned under a local e-gaming licence in 2012. This compares with just 18% for global internet casino revenues.
Similarly, in Western Europe local licences accounted for 65% of e-gaming revenues in 2012, whereas the figure was just 35% in Eastern Europe in the same year.

GBGC Internet Gambling Revenues By Licence 
GBGC’s Director Lorien Pilling explained, “Regulated e-gaming markets are certain to continue their rise in the coming years as the likes of Sweden, Germany, and Greece in Europe develop their internet gambling regulation and existing markets like Italy and Spain extend the range of permitted internet gambling activities. In addition, more US states are likely to look at following the lead of New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.”
The Global Internet Gambling Market
GBGC calculates that the global internet gambling market was worth US$ 38.32 billion in 2012 (including state lotteries). By 2017 GBGC makes the forecast that this figure will have risen to US$ 49.64 billion.
GBGC Internet Gambling Revenues 2005 to 2017
Sports betting accounted for nearly 50% of global internet gambling revenues in 2012. State lotteries are beginning to take a greater share of the internet gambling market as more lotteries launch more of their games online and through mobile devices. State lotteries are also expanding the range of games they offer and getting into new areas such as online poker and casino games.
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