Global Gambling Spend Just US$ 82 Per Capita
The global gambling spend per adult is the equivalent of just US$ 82, despite all of the gambling expansion – both online and land-based – that has taken place around the world over the last decade.

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) has compiled data for the world’s gambling markets as part of the research for the 8th edition of its Global Gambling Report. GBGC calculates that the global gambling market was worth US$ 430 billion in 2012

GBGC’s gambling data shows that there is great regional variation in the per capita amount spent on gambling activities.
The amount spent per capita on gambling ranges from just US$ 7 in Africa through to more than US$ 700 in Oceania and there is a definite split in spend between emerging and developed gambling markets.
There is also great variation on gambling spending between countries within the same region. The gambling spend per adult in the United States is around US$ 400 but is US$ 620 in neighbouring Canada. Similarly in Hong Kong the figure is US$ 500 but only US$ 16 over the border in mainland China. 
GBGC Gambling Spend Per Capita Comparison
GBGC Gambling Spend Per Capita By Region   
“There is clearly a great deal of scope for growth in gambling spending in many regions as their economies develop. The low spend in gambling per capita is also heavily influenced by the fact that there is limited access to regulated gambling activities for people in many regions of the world,” commented GBGC Director Lorien Pilling. 

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