Celebrity, charity, and social networking: the founding pillars of our current modern society. Any business venture that combines all three is surely onto a winner. A new company called Prizeo aims to do just that.
Prizeo, based in London, sets out its service as follows:

1. “Prizeo works with the top celebrities to create once-in-a-lifetime prize experiences for you to win.” 

2. “You can enter for just a small contribution to the celebrity’s chosen cause, and there’s a free postal route too.” 
3. “Once you’ve entered the contest, you’ll be given the option to choose which friends you’ll bring with you to the prize experience if you win. You can do this via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.” 
4. “After the contest closes, the winner will be chosen at random and whizzed off to enjoy the prize of a lifetime. And there’s runner up prizes too… In it to win it!” 
5. “You’ll be able to track your impact, and see the fantastic things the charity has done with your contribution.” 
At present, Prizeo keeps 10% of the net contest revenue (after payment processing costs) and remaining 90% goes to the designated charity. The company says it is looking at other ways of generating revenue so that its 10% take out can be reduced in time.
 “If this model captures the public’s attention it could present an interesting challenge to national lotteries in the prizes they offer and the way they raise money for good causes,” reasoned Global Betting and Gaming Consultants’ director Lorien Pilling. 
1. Under Prizeo’s model 90% of contributions go to the good cause, a higher percentage than most national lotteries 
2. There is no set contribution to enter a contest. Entrants can enter contests for free but could also donate more than the cost of a standard lottery ticket 
3. Entrants know exactly which cause their donation is supporting, unlike most national lotteries. In addition, it is a cause with which their favourite celebrity is associated 
4. Entrants feel an emotional affinity for the prize they enter to win – the chance to meet a celebrity or sports star they admire. Winners have met the likes of Muhammad Ali, One Direction, Jamie Oliver and JLS 
5. There is probably a better chance of winning a Prizeo contest than of winning a major cash prize in a national lottery
Seemingly, the only ‘losers’ in the set up are the celebrities who have to spend a day with an ordinary member of the ‘muggle’ public. But then, that’s the price of fame.