Nearly 30 goals were scored in this weekend’s fixtures, an average of 2.9 scored in each one, but the problem for the bookmaker is that the majority were scored by the favourites which led to a bad weekend for the poor old bookmaker.

First game had Aaron Ramsey return to Cardiff for the first time in the premier league with high flying Arsenal. The league leaders, although away, were given favourable odds of 4/6 to take down Cardiff. Aaron Ramsey’s two goals helped increase Arsenal’s league position with a 3-0 win over Cardiff.
Everton then took on Stoke in a very one sided affair. Everton, definitely the better performers this season, were placed odds of 4/6 to beat Stoke City. Stoke, who haven’t won away yet this season, were placed at odds of 11/2. The game finished a very flattering 4-0 to Everton. 

Next had two teams who were early contenders for relegation this season, with each treating this as a six pointer as Norwich City took on Crystal Palace. Norwich City were the better placed team with odds of EVENS to take all 3 points. Crystal Palace have lost 6 out of 7 away games, so the 7/2 odds for winning seemed quite fair. In the end, Norwich looked the better team and deserved the 1-0 win. 
Next was the London derby between West Ham and Fulham. Derbies are always harder to call for the bookmaker, they always have a more eruptive crowd which can play a hand in deciding the game. The home side were given fairly low odds of 18/19 to beat Fulham, with Fulham 18/5 to beat them. The weekend seemed to be following a pattern as the favourites won again, another 3-0.
Last game of the early kick off had Aston Villa entertain Sunderland for the first time this season. Aston Villa were given EVENS to win, with Sunderland outsiders at 10/3. The game produced a boring display from both sides and the 31/10 odds on a draw proved victorious here when it ended 0-0. 
The late Saturday kick off had a strong Newcastle side take on West Brom. Newcastle had won every game in November before this game with their odds to complete the month at 20/19. West Brom, who only managed one win out of their last six games, were placed at 3/1. A draw seemed more likely, ranked at 28/11, still, this was not to be as Newcastle wrapped up all 3 points to complete a winning month with a 2-1 score line.
Sunday began with a huge game between Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United. 

This game was obviously considered to be a tight one as Tottenham were given odds of 9/5 to overcome United and United given a more favourable 17/10. The bookmaker would have been happy with the 2-2 outcome at the end, although many may have stayed away from this one due to the strength of each sides.
Next game saw the only major upset of the weekend when classy Liverpool visited Hull City. Hull weren’t exactly enjoying the best form, losing 4 out of their last 5 games before this game. Due to this, they were given odds of 23/4 to take down Liverpool, despite being the home side. Liverpool, on the other hand, had been enjoying quite good form going into this game, with their odds placed at 8/13 to take all 3 points. Many accumulators must have been broken as Liverpool fell to a 3-1 defeat to Hull City to make the shock of the weekend. 

Chelsea then welcomed an outstanding Southampton team. Chelsea have been one of the teams of the season so far and were placed at 4/7 to take down Southampton. Southampton had lost their first game in their last ten last weekend but were given unfavourable odds of 6/1 to overcome them. Despite Southampton scoring the quickest goal of the season, 13 seconds into the game, Chelsea finished 3-1.
Last game of the weekend had Manchester City face Swansea City. Swansea seem like a team who are facing troubles balancing the Europa League with Premier League as they look nothing of last year’s team. They were given the task of facing the only team in the premier league who have a 100% record in home fixtures with odds of 12/1 to do so. Manchester City though, placed at 3/10, recorded their 7th home win of the season with a sublime 3-0 victory over Swansea.
This weekend was very weak for the bookmaker. Only two draws and one upset and one of the draws, Tottenham v Manchester United, seemed like a game which most neutral bettors would have avoided. Disregarding the Liverpool game, the teams most people expected to win, won, which closes a miserable weekend for the bookmaker.