GBGC Global Gambling Report 9th Edition
May 2014 marks the launch of the 9th edition of the Global Gambling Report – Change is on the cards, which is now available to all current platinum subscribers.
The new edition includes: 

• Full global gambling appendices for 2012 (sequence now runs from 2007 to 2012) 
• Updated global gambling forecasts by region and sector until 2017 
• Key Markets Database with data from 2001 to 2017f (in local currency and US$) 
• Updated “at a glance” spreadsheet of operators by category for each jurisdiction 
• Gambling spend per capita 
• Top 5 markets listed in each gambling sector 
• More photos of gambling outlets and venues 
As part of the launch of the new edition of the report there have been comprehensive updates to the majority of the individual country files including the early data for 2013.
In addition, a new edition of the Interactive Gambling Report has been published alongside the Global Gambling Report.
The Interactive Gambling Report includes data for global internet and mobile gambling activities and has updated forecasts to 2017. The dataset splits revenues by local licence and offshore gambling licence for 50+ markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, and Oceania.
The accompanying written report assesses the regulatory position in numerous jurisdictions as well as other key issues taking place in the e-gaming sector.