Bookie infiltrates BHA
By Warwick Bartlett
There have been a lot of managerial changes at Ladbrokes in recent years so another one should come as no surprise. But this one is different because Nick Rust has gone to work for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) as its new Chief Executive.
It is akin to Conservative Party Chancellor George Osborne moving over to the Labour Party.

The gambling industry will be wondering what secrets Nick will take with him that can be put to good use at the BHA but the reality of the situation is somewhat different.
We live in an age of transparency and the detail in the financial accounts of the listed companies shows there is very little to hide from anyone these days. Add to this the numerous investment analyst reports and whatever Nick has to tell the BHA is already known anyway.
As the PR splurge tells us Nick loves horse racing, a sport that depends on betting to survive. So his appointment is one that has overcome years of bookmaker prejudice at the Jockey Club and the BHA’s forerunner, the BHB.
This is a truly enlightened approach on the part of the BHA. At last it shows that bookmakers have been recognized as serious-minded businessmen who do have something to offer in the improvement of the sport we all love.