The first draw of the UK national lottery took place on 19 November 1994 and had a jackpot of GB£ 5.8 million. Since then, the lottery’s various games have created more than 3,700 millionaires and paid out GB£ 53 billion in prizes. Camelot has been the operator of the UK’s lottery throughout its existence so far.

Overall, lottery sales have been performing well in recent years but the growth is being driven by the Euromillions game and instant tickets rather than the traditional domestic Lotto game. Back in 1999 the Lotto game accounted for 84% of sales but has fallen to just 34% in 2013.

GBGC UK National Lottery Sales
Since launch the price of a Lotto ticket had been GB£ 1. That price applied up until October 2013 when Camelot doubled the price of a Lotto ticket to GB£2 and also restructured the prize table.
GBGC Lottery Jackpot House Index