Mexico is bringing forth new legislation to update its current law and hopefully legalise its illegal gambling. Mexico does have country risk but the opportunities are significant.

I still like Western and East Africa. Sports betting is taking off in
Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.
Any country that has the geographical proximity to serve the Chinese gambler, such as
Russia’s Vladivostok integrated resort development, Saipan, Cambodia, South Korea and possibly Vietnam

Digital Currency
This is a great idea. The prospect of a currency that is not going to be abused by Government through overprinting should cause most people to want it. Interest has been shown by the igaming industry as an alternative to current arrangements.
It has taken thousands of years for the current system to get where it is today, it is not perfect but it is actually trusted by all. Anything that deviates from the norm will have teething problems but even if they were to be overcome digital is not going to happen any time soon.
Our ridiculously over regulated banks are wary of it because they fear users may breach money laundering regulations and the banks will be fined as a consequence. The banks are becoming the Government inspectors, at least in the UK and digital is not in any Government’s best interests. Companies have found that using a digital currency leads to their bank accounts being closed.
The payment solution market is very competitive I doubt there is any cost benefit at all in using digital currency over existing banking and payment providers. Risks and no benefits so far is all I see.
2015 Prediction – 2015 will see the profile of digital currencies fall from grace even amongst its most ardent enthusiasts.

Review of last year’s predictions 

 Where I got it right: 
• The fall in the oil price. 
• Operators would not move from offshore to onshore. 
• Bookmakers would continue to move to better location in the UK’s high streets in spite of negative publicity. 
• Lay England, they will not win the World Cup. 
• Singapore would maintain a duopoly and license only Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools. 
• First time rise in the minimum wage in six years, to be fair I expected it would be higher than it was. 
• Gambling companies will forward finance to lock in low interest rates. 
• It would be a good year for UK gambling. 

Where I was hopelessly wrong: 
• California would legislate for internet poker. 
• Ladbrokes was the top M&A pick. 
• Favoured four teams for World Cup one of which was Germany but went nap on Argentina. 
• Macau will again produce double digit growth. 

8/12 – must do better!!