Continuing the recent trend, 2015 will be another busy year for the gambling sector as various political, regulatory and operational event bring their influence to bear on gambling operators. 

2015: a year of further recovery……hopefully!
I say hopefully because in this world you never know. There are so many geo-political risks that can cause all good economic data and news to evaporate quickly. There are three principle negatives for the year ahead. The war between Russia and the Ukraine affecting European growth, China’s slowing economy, and the potential for Ebola to break out of Africa and thus threaten travel and globalisation. In my view all are balanced by the significant fall in the oil price.
When I was starting out as a management trainee in the sports betting industry in the 1960s everything was affordable. I could buy all I wanted and save. I took taxis to work and when I had finished work late after night racing I ate in good restaurants. The reason was that you kept most of what you earned and energy was cheap. Oil was priced at about $15 a barrel, petrol was priced at 8p per litre, and it is now £1.20. Cheap oil is very good for the consumer; it is like every wage earner having a reduction in tax and every pensioner having a lift in pension. A fall in the oil price benefits everyone and this multiplies throughout the economy.
It is against this background that I make my 2015 predictions.
Last year I said “Add to this the great shale bonanza in the US and more economic use of fuel and the pressure on the price of oil has to be down”.