The e-gaming jurisdictions of Jersey and Montenegro made their presence felt at ICE this year. Jersey, in particular, was making its push into e-gaming licensing and was promoting a compelling offer:

• GB£5,000 application fee 

• GB£ 15,000 operator’s licence
• No gaming duty 
• No VAT and 0% corporate tax 
• 7 luxury spas, 4 Michelin starred restaurants and 2,178 hours of sunshine per year

There were several companies offering demonstrations of games using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.
It is unlikely that the headsets will be commonplace in the home anytime soon but the technology is certainly impressive.
But asking every potential user whether they suffer from motion sickness before they try out the headset is perhaps to the best sales pitch for a new piece of technology.

There seemed to a lot more lottery based products and services on offer at ICE this year. They were offering partnerships or white label services to give operators a means of tapping into new revenues.
The advantage of lottery products is that the margin is generally good, given normal statistical distribution and for gamblers has the attraction of low stakes and high prizes.