The Bingo Association has launched its new code of conduct for responsible gambling. The document, called Getting it right, contains 12 commitments in the area of social responsibility.

1. To monitor and review the effectiveness of the Code of Conduct through the Standing Compliance Committee of The Bingo Association. 

2. To monitor industry best practice initiatives through the Industry Group on Responsible Gambling. 
3. To ensure staff understand and are aware of Social Responsibility commitments through staff training programmes. 
4. To support and implement The Bingo Association Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme. 
5. To establish clear anti-money laundering protocols. 
6. To provide clear messaging relating to the protection of player funds. 
7. To participate in the annual National Bingo Age Verification Scheme. 
8. To make an annual cash contribution to a gambling charity, preferably to the Responsible Gambling Trust. 
9. To support a responsible marketing strategy, including giving clear information to assist customers in making informed choices. 
10. To support the establishment of an Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) entity for complaints and disputes. 
11. To comply with the Gambling Advertising Code. 
12. To support The Bingo Association National Charity. 
Miles Baron, Chief Executive of The Bingo Association, explained “We are delighted to be launching this new Code of Conduct, which all Members are now required to commit to. The Association seeks to help all our Members meet and demonstrate best practice in all areas and aspects of their operation, including issues of social responsibility.”
“Whilst the club-based bingo industry has a very low occurrence of problem gambling and operators take their responsibilities very seriously, we wish to ensure that we are doing all that we can to help those that may be vulnerable.”