Camelot has announced further changes to the structure of the UK’s National Lottery main game, Lotto, from October 2015.

The main structural change is that the game will increase from 49 numbers to 59 numbers, with players still having to select six numbers correctly to win the jackpot.
The result is that the odds of winning the jackpot have lengthened from 1: 14 million to 1: 45 million. 

Lower down the scale, the probability of winning the GB£ 25 prize for matching three numbers has gone from 1:57 under the 6/49 matrix to 1:97 in the new 6/59 matrix. 
Camelot claims that the odds of a player winning any prize have been reduced to 1 in 9 thanks to the proposed introduction of a free Lotto Lucky Dip ticket for matching two numbers.
From October 2015 there will also be no maximum number of rollovers, which Camelot says will lead to “bigger rolling jackpots”.