For a long time derided as “cartoon betting”, virtual betting is finding favour with both operators and gamblers for a variety of reasons: 

– Better graphics 
– Trust 
– A desire to extend the “betting window” 
– A need for higher, stable margins 
Horseracing and greyhounds were the favoured sports for the early generation of virtual betting products. But the range of virtual sports on offer now extends to events like badminton, archery, darts, cycling and table tennis.
Inspired Gaming, Playtech and Betradar have all been investing heavily in their virtual betting services in 2015.
Playtech has reportedly taken a three-week tenancy at Warner Bros. Studios in London to undertake a period of motion capture recorded as part of an overhaul of its virtual betting services. Playtech wants to be able to offer its clients a 24/7 betting service, with virtual betting playing a key part. Betradar has also completed a large scale motion capture project in the development of its new Virtual Basketball League (VBL). 

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants has compiled a report on the topic of virtual betting. It looks at the suppliers in the market and what they offer, as well as the development of virtual betting in various jurisdictions.